Outliers Update: Submissions close soon & authors so far!

The Outliers of Speculative Fiction, Vol. 1 will close to submissions on October 15, 2015. No submissions will be accepted or read after that day so submit now for your chance to be included in the book!

So far we have a really terrific collection of stories and authors:

“Harbour” by Amal Singh of New Delhi, India has the feel of classic sci-fi with a cultural flavor and perspective not often represented in mainstream spec fiction. Amal was previously unpublished.

“No Other” by Tim Jeffreys of the U.K. is a mixture of sci-fi and horror that explores other-ness and togetherness in a world reduced to just two people. Tim is an accomplished author with many publications in the independent press.

“Stepping on Sand & Gods” by Cory Skerry is a modern tale of the tides of history and their pull on humans and immortals alike and how they converge in a world which has lost its gods. Cory is an author of rare ability whose work has appeared in outlets large and small but not nearly often enough.

“When We Go Flying” by Kama Falzoi Post is a completely original story about consequences and the lack thereof.

“Good Fire” by Eric Landreneau is a story of friendship, devotion and transcendence in rural Appalachia.

“Liminal Hill” by Kelly Dwyer is a taut and clever techno-adventure. Kelly has been laying low for the last few years, but her very first published story was an Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois’ Best Science Fiction of the Year, 2011. She’s back and spinning good yarns.

These first six stories are through the editorial process and locked in. Several others are conditionally accepted, going through the process now, and will be announced when they’re done. A couple are currently in a holding status awaiting a final decision. Sadly, many others didn’t make it, but thanks for submitting and keep writing! If you’re in any of these categories, you’ve been notified. If you submitted but haven’t received an answer, you will get an answer very soon.

If you haven’t submitted, but want to–what are you waiting for? Fifteen days left. Make it as clean and as good as you can but don’t beat yourself up to the point you miss the deadline. Part of this project is giving writers the chance to actually work/have a dialogue with an editor. Corrections and story guidance, as needed, are part of that process but we can’t start until you submit and we can’t do it at all if you miss the deadline.

Thanks to all the authors who have submitted so far! There is a lot of really special talent in and out of this collection. I am loving the stories and working with the authors. It’s a privilege to see your work and try to help you as a writer. Thank you for your trust!

This post will be updated with additional authors/titles as they are formally announced.

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