New Story Out Today in Allegory

So this is out today. FYI, I did a lot of research on this story and put a lot of time into it, but I never felt like I got it quite “right”. After it was rejected a couple of times at other mags I sent it to Allegory because Ty, though he’d never published me previously, has always been good about giving useful feedback. My plan was to hear what he had to say and then either re-write, or if the re-write wasn’t too extensive, or to just file it and maybe drop it in an anthology in the far future. Turns out he liked it, had very nice things to say about it, and  led the issue off with it. The moral is that editors see things differently than we do and that you really never know what will strike the right chord. So keep writing and keep submitting.     
That doesn’t mean that I don’t still think there are problems with how the industry operates, only in terms of taste, you never know. And also Ty Drago, as I’ve said before, is a good egg in my experience.
The image accompanying this post is the cover art for the issue and not related to my story in any way–still creepy-cool though.

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