Outliers 2016 Open for Submissions, Deadline August 31, 2016.

Outliers of Speculative Fiction 2016 is open for submissions. If you submitted before now, have no fear, I have it. I’ve been really busy with my other job (I’m head of A&R at Brink Records) but I’m all caught up now and ready to start reading and editing your wonderful stories.

Last year we saw some truly eye-opening fantasy, science fiction that challenged and delighted, but not a lot of horror, though Tim Jeffrys’ entry was fantastic and could be considered horror in the psychological sense. I’d love to see a story that makes me afraid to put my feet on the floor when I’m done reading–creepy, realistic, supernatural tales that make you hold your breath. I’m not interested in stories of slashers, torturers, unfaithful girlfriends getting a comeuppance, snuff porn, or anything else that is basically the author expressing their own violent tendencies. I want scary in the supernatural sense, not horrifying in the sense of  “oh shit, this creep has my email”. Realism within your imagined world is terrific but watch for the line where it goes from scary story to scary writer.

Naturally more wonderful F&SF are wanted and needed! If you submitted last year but didn’t make it through the editing process, submit again! I saw several stories late in the process last year that needed too much work to be ready in time to publish, but were captivating nonetheless. I’d love to have more time to work with those authors.

On that note–SUBMIT EARLY. Every story in the 2015 anthology received editing. Some were more of a proofread but several went through extensive re-writes and most were somewhere in between. This is time consuming so don’t wait until the last minute!

What’s the last minute? Well the deadline is August 31! I want to get it out for Halloween this year.

I have a couple of strong entries already. I can’t wait to see what else comes this way. 8,000 word max but make every word count! No minimum count as long as it grabs me and doesn’t let go. Please don’t use anyone else’s property/world for your story. Please DO share and re-blog this article.

Thanks! I can’t wait to see what’s rattling around in those fascinating brains and spilling onto the page.




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