Great Outliers Stuff Goin’ Down!

I’m really happy to be able to tell you that the first stories for Outliers 2016 are “in the can”! The first is by David Wright of Canada and the second is from 2015 alum Tim Jeffreys! I have several more in the editing process and hope to make several more story announcements next week!

Outliers 2016 is still open for submissions!

We also have our cover artist from last time, Mark Fussell, coming back to wrap the book and warp reality!

And then there’s the new Facebook page! Check it out, like it, go to it for awesome content and updates starting Friday!

Finally, I have a really big announcement coming up on Facebook Live this Friday at about 11:15 Eastern time! Like the new page and when I go live you’ll get the notification. If you miss it live but you’ve followed the page you’ll be able to view it later! I’m really excited about where we’re going with Outliers and that’s what the live stream is going to be about! Please follow the page and check me out Friday!


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