Due to my getting a late start promoting the book this year I’ve only seen somewhere around 75% as many submissions as I’d like and there are a few story slots left in the anthology–probably 5 or 6.

For these reasons I’m giving it another month! Please submit as soon as you can as the release date remains October 31! Even if you don’t feel 100% ready, SUBMIT! I’m here to help you get through that last mile. Several authors who are fairly well established have worked closely with me and been quite pleased with the results. I’m here to help you make your story better or tell you if it’s awesome as is, but I can’t do wither until you SUBMIT!

If you are included this year you’ll be alongside such well known, respected, and widely published authors as Alex Shvartsman and Tim Jeffrys! It’s a great platform to support up and coming authors or to move a new career forward. Several of our authors from last year have seen significant advance sin their careers over the last year! This could be your shot!

Send your story, pasted in the body of your email, to AuthorLALittle(at)gmail(dot)com. No re-prints or multiple submissions please!

I can’t wait to read your story! Thank you!





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