BA History, The College of William & Mary; MBA, The College of William & Mary; Spanish Language Program, La Universidad de Costa Rica; AA Fine Art, TCC.

Publishing History:

Outliers of Speculative Fiction, anthology, editor, forthcoming

Deadblood: The Mourning Walk, novel, forthcoming 2015

The Paler World Series: The Flatstone Beach, novel, seeking representation

NMJ Short story collection

Deadblood novella

Over 200 articles in music journalism, 3 years in an editorial role at 2 different magazines, including managing editor

Dying the First Time, novella, Blackbird Press

“Velvet Crush”, comic, Blackbird Press

“7 Squad”, comic, on spec for client

“668” Comic strip

Various short stories, editorials, and business & news articles at different outlets

Narrative Bio:

I was mostly raised in Appalachia. It was and is a place of many contradictions and about which I have many mixed feelings. In some ways it is truly the home of my heart, the place of my familial roots, and earliest memories, but it is also the backdrop behind, and the culture of, some of my greatest pain and darkest stories.

I began writing before I could actually write. I would draw a battle scene with stylized stick figures on a piece of notebook paper. Then I would draw the scene over and over, a few seconds or minutes further along each time. I used different types of weapons, helmets, etc. to distinguish characters.

My big, early, influences in books were The Chronicles of Narnia, The Three Investigators Mysteries, and Stephen King, especially his short stories. Just a little later Shakespeare found me quite by accident and I couldn’t get enough of him for quite a while.

We moved to a large city for about half of my high school years and there I participated in the school paper, debate, and forensics and excelled at all three. After high school I worked for a while before going into the Army during Desert Shield. I wrote the better part of two novels during that period, one of which I still hope to finish some day.

I worked as a music journalist and editor for several years in the 90s. It was during this period that I first wrote the story that is now published as Deadblood after spending a summer working on the Lollapalooza tour. I’ve written short fiction and written and illustrated comic books for various indie publishers. In the early 2000s a short of my Velvet Crush comic book was published, I created the comic book 7 Squad on spec, and I sold artwork to a major card gaming company. In 2013 Deadblood was released as an ebook and in October of 2014 the tpb came out. I’ve recently finished the first book in my Paler World series, The Flatstone Beach.

The second Deadblood book, The Mourning Walk, will be coming out in 2015.

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