Outliers of Speculative Fiction

Outliers of Speculative Fiction is currently OPEN for 2017! Deadline November 1, 2017!

Outliers of Speculative Fiction is an anthology of quality authors and stories that fall outside the mainstream of the major speculative fiction markets. That means one of two things. First, these writers are writing good stories that remain either unpublished, published only in the small press, or rarely published by major outlets. Alternatively they may be authors who have had success in the big markets but want to present good stories that were not right for those markets or are otherwise unexpected in their content.

The benefit of the anthology to authors is to create an outlet for these Outliers that will provide both publishing credit and an ongoing revenue share, rather than just a per word, one time payment.

The mission of OSF is to bring new authors to the fore through publication and editorial response to EVERY submission. No author will receive a form rejection or languish indefinitely in a slush pile. We will accept stories until we reach the deadline for the edition. Authors will get quick responses and we won’t tie up their stories unnecessarily.

How It Works

An author submits a story up to 8000 words in length. They will, be accepted without changes, accepted with changes, or rejected with comments as quickly as we can while still taking time to consider every story thoroughly.

Once the issue is filled, submissions close. Any stories  not reviewed at this point will be released, possibly with comment but we cannot promise that once the issue closes. Submitting early will dramatically help your chances! Make it as good and clean as you can then go for it!

Once the volume is filled we’ll publish digitally and in paperback.

We do not pay per word. Every contributor receives an equal share of the proceeds. Contributors are all contributing authors, the editor, the publisher, and the cover artist. Contributors will be paid every month during which the anthology reaches a $10 per share in sales. Months that don’t hit the $10 mark will roll over to the next month until the $10 per share threshold is reached. This royalty will be paid every month for as long as the edition remains in print and/or available digitally.

We take only the first worldwide anthology rights. All other rights remain with the author.

You must own all the rights to anything you submit.

Please submit only one story. If we don’t take it, then you can submit another.

Reprints are okay as long as it was first published in a small market. If you’re not sure whether a market is “small”, ask.

The work cannot appear anywhere online, in whole or in part, between when we accept it and roughly six months after publication in OSF.

We’re open to all sorts of speculative fiction but it needs to stay PG 13 or barely R rated. Language is probably not a bar (unless you go nuts) but graphic sex and slasher type violence probably won’t work for this outlet.

We will work with all contributors to promote the collection and the authors themselves to help the book sell and help the authors get paid and read by as wide an audience as we can.


I am the editor so please contact me with questions or submissions at or authorlalittle (at) gmail (dot) com, or via Twitter DM @LALittleAuthor, or through the brand new Outliers Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OutliersofSF/?view_public_for=249443118782769 .